Transporation and Transit Plan 11 – Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver

The B-Lines just keep on coming. Here’s the 8th of 11 planned B-Lines that are planned for the region

Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver B-Line

lynn valley to downtown bline map

This is the third of three planned B-Line express buses for the North Shore. The first is the Phibbs Exchange-Dundarave route and the second is the Capilano University-Metrotown. The third is this Lynn Valley to Downtown route. Continue reading “Transporation and Transit Plan 11 – Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver”

Transportation and Transit Plan 10 – Metrotown to Cap U B-Line

This week, I’ve been going to cover some of the major projects that are planned to be implemented in 5-10 years after a Yes vote to the upcoming transit ballot. If Metro Vancouver residents vote Yes to the 0.5% PST increase, then 2020-2025 will see some of the largest transportation projects ever in the history of our region.

There are more B-Line buses slated to start service between 2020 and 2025.

Metrotown to Capilano University B-Line

metrotown to capu bline map

This B-Line bus will run mostly along Willingdon Avenue in Burnaby. Currently, this route is serviced by the #130 bus that runs 9 buses every hour between Metrotown and Brentwood – the busiest section of this route. The buses alternate between ending the runs at Hastings and Willingdon or at Kootenay Loop in East Vancouver. In the morning and afternoon rush hours, a few of the buses go to North Vancouver and end at Phibbs Exchange or Capilano University. The #130 is also a milk run that stops at every single bus stop along the way.

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