Transporation and Transit Plan 11 – Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver

The B-Lines just keep on coming. Here’s the 8th of 11 planned B-Lines that are planned for the region

Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver B-Line

lynn valley to downtown bline map

This is the third of three planned B-Line express buses for the North Shore. The first is the Phibbs Exchange-Dundarave route and the second is the Capilano University-Metrotown. The third is this Lynn Valley to Downtown route.

Honestly, I don’t know much about the Lynn Valley area and how many people live up there and how many people are planning to live there. I’ve probably driven through it once. However, there must a fairly good number of people living in the area to be planning a major express bus route for the area. From what I’ve seen of North Shore buses, a few of the buses purposely detour into the Lynn Valley Centre area. A detour like that usually means good ridership numbers are coming out of the area.

The route leaves the Lynn Valley Centre via E 29th Street until it meets Lonsdale Avenue. Lonsdale Avenue is the Avenue in North Vancouver. Major retail lines the street. Medical offices are dotted along the road. Also, Lonsdale Avenue is a magnet for apartment residents in both older and newer buildings.

The route would then go along Marine Drive. Part of this route will duplicate the Phibbs Exchange-Dundarave route. However, redundancy is not a bad thing in this case. Two B-Lines along a stretch of Marine Drive from Lonsdale Avenue to the Lions Gate Bridge means really frequent service.

The route would then leave the North Shore via the extremely busy Lions Gate Bridge and likely end up going along Georgia Street downtown until it reaches the current downtown terminus for North Shore buses near the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Vancouver Public Library’s Colosseum-like Central Branch.

The current trip from Lynn Valley to Downtown Vancouver takes 38 minutes using the #210 bus. That bus actually goes the other direction over the eastern crossing of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge and then via Dundas and Powell Streets into Downtown. That is also a express bus, but it has frequent service during rush hour and very limited service in off-peak hours.

The #210 may still be a better alternative to go downtown, but end of a bus route is not always the destination of its passengers. The planned Lynn Valley-Downtown B-Line route serves many other busy destinations along the way.

Estimated capital costs are $12.5 million and operating costs $6.3 million. The North Shore is a big winner in terms of more transportation choice in this plan. 3 new B-Lines and a more frequent SeaBus service will help to give North Shore residents way more travelling choice than they currently have.

The ballots will be sent out by March 16, 2015 and residents of Metro Vancouver will have until May 29, 2015 to mail in their votes. Voting YES for a 0.5% increase in the provincial sales tax will cost the average household only a 1-2 hundred dollars a year, but it will provide financial stability for a great variety of transportation projects that will transform Metro Vancouver. A YES vote will benefit your mobility and my mobility in the region. Please vote Yes to better transportation. 

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