City Conversation: Behind the Transit Debate – Mar 19

Reblogged from Price Tags. It’s an upcoming debate on Myths vs. Reality in Transit

Price Tags

The next City Conversation this Thursday:


Myths vs. Reality in the Transit Debate

“I’ve heard it so often, it must be true”


Is Translink a bloated, inefficient and wasteful public agency providing terrible public transit? Provably no. But facts don’t matter, emotions do. What matters is that people believe it is true, and that they act on that belief. 

Are taxes too high? Compared to what— other cities or provinces? The benefits and services they buy? Doesn’t matter, as long as people believe taxes are too high. Government is too big, taxes are too high, the private sector is the most efficient.
Where did these ideas come from, and why do so many of us believe them? They’re part ideology, part economic theory that began 70 years ago. They’ve since been promoted by a collection of Canadian and American think tanks, adopted by successful politicians, and are influencing…

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