Transit Reading

The towers near Gilmore Station

Here’s a sampling of different things I’ve read over the week with respect to the upcoming referendum.

  • The psychology of ‘no’: Vancouver transit vote is case study in why it’s so hard to do what makes us happy [National Post] – BC is famous for its protest voting. Maybe this is another case of that? Can’t we just vote FOR something instead of AGAINST something for once?

  • TransLink often leaves one lost in transportation [The Globe and Mail] – Stephen Quinn finds himself in a self-diagnosed bout of depression after dealing with all the negativity related to the referendum. I say I feel almost as nauseous as Stephen after reading certain comments.

  • Next stop: happiness [UBC] –  A UBC psychologist says a “Yes” vote in the transit plebiscite is a vote for happiness

  • What Drives TransLink’s Biggest Hater? [The Tyee] – How did the Tyee ever score an interview with Jordan Bateman? An interesting look into who Jordan is and what quotes he’s given over the years as a Township of Langley councillor and as CTF director. Interesting how positions change. It grates me to see Jordan pictured on the very SkyTrains that he’s out to torpedo.

  • 15 reasons to vote Yes in the transit plebiscite [Vancity Buzz] – I must respect Vancity Buzz for their mostly pro-transit stance. One of their editors, Kenneth Chan, has written many pro-transit articles over the years including a special feature on a UBC-Broadway subway.
  • 6 reasons to vote No in the transit plebiscite [Vancity Buzz] – I’ve included this post for a little bit of balance. Although I can say some of the 6 reasons are really nitpicking. For example, the questionable decisions in the first reason don’t add up to even a million dollars. I think everyone has made questionable decisions in their lifetime. I guess public agencies are guilty of the same. Poor decisions? Yes. Don’t forget that TransLink deals in billion dollar transit decisions that have for the most part been successful.
  • The Transit Plebiscite: A Kiwi’s perspective [Vancity Buzz] – a visitor’s view on how our fair city does transit-wise in comparison to his home in New Zealand. Vancouver wins hands-down. He’s perplexed by how Metro could potentially wash away all the good that has been built up thus far.
  • Why we’re voting “yes” to new transit and transportation funding in the referendum [Georgia Straight] – this is an extensive point-by-point piece on reasons to vote Yes for the upcoming referendum. The piece is written by folks at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

  • Vancouver’s ‘Rob Ford’ Moment [] – Truly, this referendum could become Vancouver’s Rob Ford moment where the rest of the world scratches their heads and wonder why Metro Vancouver is throwing out the baby with the bathwater and why the perfect has become the enemy of the good.

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