Bus Tour 3 – Into the Rockies

Day 2 started early in the morning. What was it? A 6am morning call?! We dragged ourselves out of bed and cleaned up. We lurched onto our tour bus to our newly assigned seats for the day. Everyone got a chance to sit near the front of the bus, basically.

Revelstoke mountain morning

This morning, we were heading off to breakfast. I was really hoping that we’d be having breakfast at the Sandman Inn. I was really hoping for eggs, sausage, and maybe some awesome hotel waffles. No luck this morning. This morning, we were carted off to Downtown Revelstoke for (you guessed it again) Chinese breakfast.

Chinese “breakfast” at WK Garden in Revelstoke

To me, Chinese breakfast would normally be congee (rice porridge) with a Chinese donut. That’s Chinese breakfast to me. This morning we were having Chinese buffet. This meal was my least favourite meal of the whole tour. First, it was not the meal I was hoping for. Second, it was below par Chinese food (Yes, I am sounding like a complete Chinese food snob – bite me). No wonder I avoid Chinese food when road tripping.

The washroom signs at WK Garden

At least the morning sky outside was shaping up to be marvelous. Before the bus took off, I was able to snap off a few photos of the buildings and the view of nearby Mt. Begbie.

Revelstoke’s Roxy Theatre
Mt. Begbie
Downtown Revelstoke buildings

Then we were on the road again, this time we climbed up the mountain passes to Glacier National Park. As we snaked our way through the mountain passes, the peaks high above were capped in royal winter majesty. I have never travelled through these mountain passes in the winter or early spring. So it was awesome to see so much snow on top of the mountain peaks. Peak after peak was crowned in majesty after majesty.

Peak after peak was crowned in majesty after majesty

After Glacier National Park, the Trans-Canada Highway dips down into the Rocky Mountain Trench and the Columbia River Valley. On this side of the mountains, the Columbia River flows northwest. At Revelstoke, the river is flowing south towards the US. I personally think of this area as “Mountain Alley.” When travelling east along the Trans-Canada Highway, there is a line of mountains to the west of the valley. This day as we travelled through, it was very cloudy and so the view of the mountains was obscured. Normally, the view is impressive as there is peak after peak as one travels down the highway.

Doughnut pit stop in Golden

We made a pit stop in Golden. The town is usually buzzing with road tripping families in the summer, but it was pretty quiet this morning. Our bus turned into a Husky gas station for a break, but my wife and I spotted a Tim Horton’s in the neighbouring gas station. Everyone got off and made a B-Line for the Husky’s convenience store. My wife and I went the opposite direction and went to grab some doughnuts. Tim Horton’s doughnuts is exactly what the doctor ordered after a disappointing Chinese “breakfast”. We especially appreciated the new salted caramel doughnut. Yum!

Golden was the last town in BC before truly climbing into the Rocky Mountains and entering Alberta. The next stop for our bus would be in our ultimate destination – Banff.

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