Bus Tour 8 – Pigs can travel too

After a pleasant time at Lake Louise, we were corralled back onto the bus. We were heading back into B.C. I thought we’d be making a stop in Golden, like we did on the way into Alberta. However, we just kept on driving. So I wondered where our first highway pit stop of the afternoon would be. We pulled over inside Glacier National Park at Rogers Pass. And that’s where we met a cute little four-legged friend in the parking lot. It was a pig on a road trip.

Met a pig at Rogers Pass

The pig was travelling with his family. I talked to father of the family. The pig was travelling with the father, mother, and a daughter. I forgot to ask for the little pig’s name. She was relieving herself in the muddy puddle.

The pig is the attraction

The family was from Chilliwack and were returning home from a horse show in Alberta. Apparently this cute little swine lived indoors with the family. The father told me that it would go about the house and sit on the sofa. The pig even knew a few tricks. You should have seen the whole bus empty out and take photos of the little pig. Actually, she wasn’t that little. She was 4x the size of my pint-size Chihuahua.

Piggy does tricks too

The father said that his little piggy would always attract a crowd wherever she went. I guess it was our good luck as a bus tour to run into Miss Piggy at Rogers Pass.

Empty Rogers Pass building with high piles of snow

Good thing the pig was there during this pit stop because Rogers Pass was like boarded up for the winter season still. The snow was still piled up very high. I’ve never stopped in Rogers Pass, but I know there’s usually lodging and restaurants in this rest area.

Artillery at Rogers Pass

With the heavy snowfall in the mountains, avalanches are inevitable in these mountain passes. So the government has artillery set up in the area to trigger controlled avalanches. That way, they clear the snow away a little at a time and it helps to keep the highways safer during the snowy winter months. Two of these artillery units sit prominently on display at Rogers Pass.

After everyone had gotten their photos of the pig and the little washroom break, we were back on the road again. Tonight, we’d be dining and staying in Revelstoke again.

The mountain peaks above Rogers Pass

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