Housing and Affordability in Vancouver

Everyone knows that Vancouver has a housing and affordability problem. The recent #DontHave1Million hashtag gained viral status in early May and highlights the angst that the region feels about housing prices. Housing on the west side of Vancouver is well into the $2-3 million territory. I’ve seen $1.2 million homes for sale in my working class East Vancouver hood. And just this weekend, I discovered a 1300+ square foot apartment in my neighbourhood on sale for over $500,000. Even the condos aren’t very cheap in town.

Well, most of us don’t have $1 million. (And I don’t think we need $1 million to live in Vancouver. You just accept that you won’t have a detached house). So where is the best bang for your housing buck in the Metro Vancouver? Here’s a different look at housing costs in conjunction with transportation costs.

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