DYK? Vancouver has a Cycling Spot Improvement Program.

COV Cycling Spot Improvement Program screencap

I just discovered recently that the City of Vancouver has a Cycling Spot Improvement Program. The program basically looks at small projects that affect a single block or intersection and try to improve the safety and comfort of those blocks and intersections. The main goal is to look at these projects through the cycling infrastructure lens. However, I think there can be improved pedestrian experiences as well from these little spot improvements.

arbutus & w 7th improvement graphic

For example, take this map of West 7th Avenue between Yew and Arbutus Streets. A private elementary school is redesigning their driveway and more traffic is expected on 7th Avenue. A separated two-way bike lane is proposed on the north side of the road to protect cyclists from the increased traffic expected from the driveway. Parking will be removed and a one-way vehicle lane going east will be set for the most of the eastern half of the block. The separated bike lane will also likely impact people visiting the non-profit agency across the road from the school. You can read more details about this particular mini-project here.

So these Cycling Spot Improvement Programs are open to comment. Simply go to their site at vancouver.ca/spotimprovements and see what mini-projects are on the go and to see if any affect a part of Vancouver where you live/work/shop/visit.

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