East Van walks with Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Regular readers of my blog may know that I am a big fan of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. However, I have been notably absent from their walking tours for the past couple of years. Timing and poor planning on my part have contributed to me not showing up.

credit: Stevie Wilson

Stevie Wilson does the You Should Know posts over at Scout Magazine. This month she’s been doing a series on Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s walking tours. Early in July, she went on a tour of the Cedar Cottage neighbourhood and it’s unusual grid of short streets and roads that don’t reach the main arteries nearby.

She also went on a tour of the history of East Van Market Gardens that used to exist in and around the Tupper Secondary school’s area. Many of these farms lined China Creek that used to run past the school site.

credit: Stevie Wilson

These are just two of the many walking tours that the Vancouver Heritage Foundation puts on. I encourage you to read Stevie’s articles and visit the Foundation’s walking tours page if you feel inspired to also go on a walking tour.

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