Could trailed-hitched micro homes for the wilderness work in the city?

Could these little trailed-hitched homes work in a city like Vancouver?

credit: Vancouver Sun

Gareth Roberts and Ted Allsopp make up Hummingbird Micro Homes of Fernie, BC. They wanted to see what kind of home could be hitched on a trailer and be moved around and then plunked down somewhere in the wilderness. Read what Roberts says about living in own micro home.

Roberts has been living in a 500-square-foot house he built for his young family of four. “You spend more time together as a family because you’re in each others faces pretty much all day,” he said. “Most people live in somebody else’s idea of a home.”

Portable micro home dimensions are limited by B.C. ministry of transport trailer regulations (13’6” high by 8’6” wide) and such givens as standard fridge sizes.

You can read more about these micro homes in the Vancouver Sun.

Would a concept like these micro homes work in Vancouver? Maybe multiple micro homes on a single lot with a shared yard?  I’m not sure people in the city are ready for homes like this, but it’s a creative made in British Columbia solution.

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