Powell Street Festival 2015

Matsuri is the Japanese word for festival. Summer is the season for matsuri in Japan. It’s also this past long weekend that the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival was held down in Japantown. I missed last year’s edition that was kept out of the usual Oppenheimer Park location by a tent city. This year, the festival was back into full gear in the park.

Here’s a few photos from this year’s Powell Street Festival.


festival vendors

sushi candles
Japanese yoyo water balloons
Table full of Kamen Rider figures
How to pick your snow cone – pick a character, pick a flavour
“Peace from within…” – a stamped wrapper for my chocolate covered green tea ice cream on a stick
The playground at Oppenheimer Park

After exploring the park and the tents along Jackson Avenue, we decided to walk over to the Vancouver Japanese Language School just a block away from the main festival site. I’ve always meant to step into the school during festival time, but I always forget. This time we stepped in and discovered a kyudo display. We had actually missed the main demonstration with explanation and all. But the actual members of kyudo class were still in the hall practicing their archery. I love the ritual steps that each archer takes before they release their arrows.

Kyudo (Japanese archery) on display


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