ReBlog – The Squeaky Robot visits Hong Kong

The Squeaky Robot is one of my favourite blogs. The Robot has some of the best essays on travel and life experiences. I just love wafting through the smooth and quirky prose of the Squeaky Robot. I was more than happy to read the Robot’s initial impressions of a visit to Hong Kong.

credit: The Squeaky Robot

From the icy airplane window Hong Kong looks like an infection. High up we are afforded rare macroscopic glimpses of the Earth, its geology a painting and the plane’s small windows the frame. We puncture thick clouds and through the mist see what teases us down below – cerulean water and deep emerald peaks that surround and infiltrate Hong Kong City. And then there’s the city.

If you like what you read above, then I highly encourage you visit The Squeaky Robot‘s blog and follow along the prose of “a meddling robot in a human’s world.” The direct link to Invalid Portraits of Hong Kong is found here.

credit: The Squeak Robot

She also added part 2 – Kowloon & Around. Did I mention that the Robot has a great eye for photography. The photos speak for themselves.

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