Compass Notes – Compass Card now available to the public

After a two-year wait, it’s finally here in my hands. A real, functioning Compass Card. The new smart cards for use on all TransLink vehicles is available to the general public. I had my taste of the Compass Card 2 years ago as a beta tester, but now I can finally say goodbye to my monthly paper FareCard and to those paper FareSavers that go missing oh so easily.

If you are chomping at the bit to get your own card, you can go to the Compass Service Centre down at Stadium Station or the West Coast Express Compass Service Centre at Waterfront Station. Soon, we should be able to purchase the cards at the Compass Ticket Vending Machines at all SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express Stations. However, as of last week, only single use Compass Tickets were only available at these machines. Actual Compass Cards were still not available from the machines when I last checked.

The lady at the Compass Service Centre told me that the October monthly pass will be available for loading onto cards starting September 21st from any Compass ticket vending machine. In October, one will be able to load monthly passes via the website.

[Update Sept 22, 2015 – I checked the Compass ticket vending machine on my way home today. I didn’t see an option to buy a Compass Card yet. I forgot to try to load an October monthly pass onto my card.]

Exciting times for transit in Vancouver. Goodbye paper fares. Hello smart cards. It took long enough, Vancouver.

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