A Sunday stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg

View down the Rue Soufflot towards the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Eiffel Tower in the distance

After our visit to the Pantheon, we headed down the hill towards the Jardin du Luxembourg. When I was looking at possible apartments to rent, I originally had found one in this area near the Jardin, but that one disappeared quickly after a week of contemplation.

Palais du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Palace)

Being a Sunday, the park was full of people. A popular Parisian tradition is for locals to flood into the local parks and spend the day inside. It may be a picnic or simply some time to unwind with a glass of wine.

ducks, fountain, tai chi, and art exhibit all in the Jardin

There was the giant fountain in the middle of the Jardin that many people milled about. There was also no shortage of ducks treading through the water and hoping for food from passers-by. In the shade, we could find some locals practicing Tai Chi. It was close to midday. So it was really hot out. I’m amazed how people could wear any long sleeves on a 35+°C summer day.

To one side of the Palais du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Palace), there was a small art exhibit tucked into a little space in the building. There were some neat sculptures and paintings on display and for sale. I imagine this must be a common Paris occurrence to just stumble upon an art exhibit by happenstance.

people watching or sun bathing or both

One of the neatest things about Parisian parks is the abundance of chairs. These simple metal chairs are everywhere in the parks. People can move them about and arrange them however and wherever they like in the park. So if the goal is sunbathing, chatting with friends, or people watching, these chairs provide multiple uses for multiple purposes.

Angelina Cafe at the Jardin du Luxembourg

As we exited from the Jardin du Luxembourg by the northwest entrance, we saw a sign for the Musee du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Museum) and for an Angelina Cafe. Angelina was one of the place’s on my wife’s list to visit. The largest location of Angelina is in the vicinity of the Louvre, but we stumbled upon this smaller Angelina Cafe attached to the Musee du Luxembourg.

They had a special set menu called the “Thé des Tudors,” or “The Tea of the Tudors,” in conjunction with the Tudors exhibit at the museum. The “tea set” was made up of tiny miniatures of their most famous patisseries like their Mont Blanc, lemon tart, Paris New York cream puff, madeleine, and macarons. For the hot drink, we ordered Angelina’s signature hot chocolate, “L’Africain.” The hot chocolate is so thick and rich that it leaves a solid coating of chocolate after the entire pitcher is emptied of its contents.

Odeon Theatre – complete with a cafe on its north side

After our midday tea set, we continued to explore the Left Bank quarters of Paris. We passed by the Odeon Theatre just north of the Palais du Luxembourg. We didn’t stop by, but it is a well-known landmark in Paris. After a quick visit to Église Saint-Sulpice (a church featured in the Da Vinci Code) and a quick walk along the mostly closed-on-Sunday Boulevard Saint-Germain, we hopped onto the Metro and set off to the Champs-Élysées.

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