Rue Cler, Paris

On the way to Rue Cler

If you haven’t figured out by now, Paris is a walking city. We walked everywhere. After visiting the Musee D’Orsay, the Musee Rodin, and Les Invalides, we continued to walk towards the Eiffel Tower. We were really ahead of schedule and made sure our route to the Parisian landmark would take us through Rue Cler.

Bienvenue à Rue Cler

I had read about Rue Cler in a Rick Steeves travel book. Mr. European travel guru, Rick Steeves, highly recommended spending time along Rue Cler for several reasons. Rue Cler is home to a compact collection of local epiceries, fromageries, boulangeries, and more. It is a cleaned up microcosm of every aspect of French daily living.


We had been walking for a very long time. So we stopped in the Rue Cler location of Amorino. Amorino is a chain of artisanal gelato across Europe. It’s also found in the US. So it’s kind of antithetical to step into a giant multinational chain on a street that is distinctly local and Parisian. It didn’t matter to me at that moment because it was blazing hot, we were tired, and gelato perfectly hit the spot.


I didn’t take in much of the truly local shops while walking along Rue Cler, but there is no shortage of choices along this tiny 3-block stretch. Even if you are just passing through, like I was, it’s still worth a quick visit.

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