Compass Notes – Monthly Passes only on Compass Card

All Monthly Pass Holders Must Use Compass Card

First of all, welcome to all you monthly pass transit users. We all need to transfer over to the Compass Card since TransLink is no longer issuing paper monthly passes as of January 2016. So you may have already gone into your local transit FareDealer and found that no paper monthly passes were available.

Hopefully, you would have already gotten your Compass Card some time in the pass 3 months. If not, then you’re in for a rough start scrambling to buy a pass. Your easiest way to buy a Compass Card is to go into a SkyTrain/SeaBus/West Coast Express station and find a Compass ticket vending machine. There should be an option to buy a Compass Card on the screen.

First, you have to buy the card using the “New Compass Card” option. That’s $6. Then you will have to go back to the main menu and “Load Compass Card” and choose “Monthly Pass.” You can pay buy credit, debit or cash. That’s it. Then you’re ready to roll. Not enough details. You can watch TransLink’s YouTube video describing the purchase process.

As for all you FareSaver and cash users, you still have time to use your current method of payment. There has been no announcement to discontinue the FareSavers yet, but I suspect the end is on the horizon. At most, my guess is there are 6 months left for FareSavers.

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