FareSavers ending sooner than I thought

faresavers to compass

In my last post, I thought TransLink might hold off for another 6 months before discontinuing the paper FareSavers. Well, I was completely wrong. By the end of January, all paper FareSavers will be phased out.

So all you FareSaver holdouts, it’s time to switch over to the Compass Card. Use up all your FareSavers by the end of January or go to the Compass Customer Service Centre to trade in your FareSavers for Stored Value on a Compass Card.

Remember, with the Compass Card, you will still be paying the same FareSaver discounted fares as with the tickets. Also, you now don’t have to carry different tickets for different zones. The Compass Card will automatically calculate the correct amount for multi-zone travel.

I used my Compass Card like FareSavers for a month in December. And trust me, it was much better than ripping out a ticket for every trip I made.


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