Vancouver-Victoria Passenger Ferry – Will it work this time?


image from Vancity Buzz

A Vancouver to Victoria passenger ferry is not a new idea. It’s been tried before in the past in various forms. Will it succeed this time? The new ferry is aimed at tourists and not so much at the local market. Maybe that will be the key to attracting riders.

Here’s a look at some past Vancouver to Vancouver Island passenger ferries.



image from Vancity Buzz

The HarbourLynx was a passenger ferry between the city centres of Nanaimo and Vancouver.  It ran for a short time until 2006, when mechanical problems sidelined the service and the company never really recovered.


Royal Sealink Express brochure (credit: westcoastkidjst)

There was also the Royal Sealink Express. This service was announced back in 1990/91. I remember this ferry clearly because I did a Social Studies project in high school talking about the ferry. However, the ferry didn’t last very long and succumbed to financial difficulties.

So we’ll see how the new ferry service turns out. It’s a much needed passenger-only connection to Vancouver Island. It will be much easier to board a ferry in Downtown Vancouver rather than carting oneself out to a BC Ferries terminal in Tsawwassen or Horseshoe Bay. However, since the new ferry is targeting tourists, the prices are certain not to be cheap.


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