mobi – Vancouver’s upcoming bike share

There’s finally a name to Vancouver’s upcoming bike share and it’s mobi. [Cue the Moby music accompaniment]



That’s about all the info there is so far. However, you can sign up to become a founding member for a special annual price starting from $99/year for unlimited 30-minute bike share rides.

vancouver bike share founding member clip

Vancouver bike share founding member prices

At $99/year, I think it’s a little steep unless you are a regular user. The regular price of $180/year would definitely keep me away. If I lived downtown or around False Creek, then this would be a great option. However, I live in East Van a few blocks from Burnaby. It wouldn’t be a good regular option for me.


However, the member perks might be enough to reel me in. I do work within the bike share home area. I could use it to quickly ride for errands, lunch, or coffee that I can’t walk to currently. However, I really need to think this one over.

Vancouver Bike Share Phase 1 Map

If you live in the home area, I think it’s a no-brainer to just get the annual membership. For me, I would like to know what the non-member rates will be. Exciting times to be in Vancouver, though.

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