Station Street – North of Terminal Ave

The Vancouver Mural Festival had taken place on August 20. I didn’t have time to go out and take in all the murals that day. However, the Friday after I went in search of the murals on a hot and sunny morning.


I got off the SkyTrain at Main Street Station and went north thinking there might be some murals between the SkyTrain and the viaducts. At least that’s what the Vancouver Mural Festival map suggested to me.


Instead of murals, I found that the small stretch of Station Street north of Pacific Central and Main Street Stations to be an interesting study in urban photography.



There is no alley in between Main Street and Station Street. So Station Street becomes a de facto back lane for the restaurants and businesses that front Main Street. Fancy food feasteries, like Campagnolo and Torafuku, both back onto Station Street. That means the garbage bins are back here too. Peeyew.



Station Street had it’s share of beautiful urban purgatory. Two empty lots with one rundown two-storey brick building awaited their afterlife. In the hot summer sun, though, urban purgatory actually fairly pretty.


At the northern terminus of Station Street, there was an old green warehouse, but the wide open doors on the side invited those come in and take in the Pacific Design Lab and their find wooden crafts.29306308402_4a0532755a_z


I looped back south along Main Street and peered into both Torafuku and Campagnolo. Both were still not open this early in the day.


Okay. So I didn’t spy any murals on this stretch of Main Street. It was time to head south of Terminal Avenue to where I knew for sure there would be some murals.

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