Mural Search – False Creek Flats


South of the Main Street SkyTrain Station and Terminal Avenue, one can find a collection of the newest murals in Vancouver. If you don’t mind walking off the beaten path into the industrial False Creek Flats, you will be duly rewarded with artful surprises. Look for the Fontile Kitchen & Bath & Store and the Tim Horton’s. Those two business mark the southern corners of Station Street and Terminal Avenue. Head south until you find the giant red/peach mural on a warehouse wall on the west side of the street. Stand there and get to “Knot Yourself.”

29414835325_270b7663a9_z 28790617754_18e671324a_z

And just as you walk past the end of the building, remember to look to your right and you will find more murals hidden in plain sight around the corner. This is back of the Fontile Warehouse.

29414838325_d69c8edda2_z 28790621304_41018c0e55_z 29414846555_b5836bd14c_z

Proceed further into the parking lot of the warehouse and there’s more.

29335057691_38deb74d68_z 29306328592_258a66b7a0_z

Exit onto Western Street from the Fontile Warehouse parking lot and turn left. Head south along this tiny street just parallel to Main Street. Walk all the way to the southern end of the street and keep looking for something big on the left. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bear in a bottle (bendy straw included). Looks like a soft drink I know.


Then follow the straw to the corner of the building and hang a left. Oh look. More murals.


Further past these mystic creatures are even more murals. Head east down Industrial Avenue and you’ll find a couple more beauties.

29306331642_6979d93705_z 29306333862_43376747c4_z 29126556960_848fb4c9d1_z

These murals are all along the outer walls of the Arts Factory. The main entrance to the building can be found at the corner of Station Street and Industrial Avenue.


Then try not to get lost in finding the last of the False Creek Flats murals. You have to head back to the busy traffic of Main Street and go south a block to East 1st Avenue. Then head back east down East 1st Avenue. Go real far down East 1st. You’re looking for the Red Truck Beer Company.


The giant beer vats with all the colourful faces are the creation of Kashink. If I had made it to the actual Vancouver Mural Festival, there would have been a patio party going on all day at the Red Truck Brewery.


No patio party today, though. It was just before noon and it would have been a perfect time and place to grab some grub and suds. Unfortunately, I discovered that I left my wallet at home. Doh! No suds, just duds, for me.


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