Mural Search – Mount Pleasant

After walking from the Olympic Village and snaking my way up to Broadway, I finally went south of Broadway. The Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF) was my first stop.

This small art gallery had been done up in mostly graffiti style murals, but there was at least one First Nations themed piece and one that I can’t quite describe.


Up the back alley from BAF, one can find the giant dual murals on the side of Belvedere Court. These are impressive giant building sized murals. These two are definitely amongst my faves of the Vancouver Mural Festival pieces. From the vantage point of the alley, though, I could only squeeze the western mural into a photo.


Back onto Main Street, one just needs to go to Kafka’s coffee to find a geometrically beautiful, monochromatic mural on the front of the coffee shop.

Up the street at Dulux Paints, I found another dual of murals, but just much smaller. One makes a distinct reference to Vancouver Canucks legend, Pavel Bure.

I walked further up Main to the heart of Mount Pleasant south of 12th Avenue. Beside the Dairy Queen is a tiny little catering shop called, Thyme to Indulge. They have a very beautiful mural on the side of its tiny building. It invokes memories of childhood and exploring.

Then the two major local coffee shops anchored in Mount Pleasant also contributed walls to the Mural Festival. 49th Parallel has a pair of rabid wolves watching over their tiny parking lot in the back.

Then JJ Bean has something completely different offering a surreal view of heads and hands to those who walk by the back of the coffee shop.

That’s it for my mural search from the end of August. Sorry for the delay. Work was immensely busy in September and October has brought a huge change in my personal life. Thanks for reading.


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