Hidden brewery in New Westminster?

[This is not a paid promotion. I paid for my own beer and have received no benefit from the company mentioned here.]

So who doesn’t like stumbling across a new brewery. It seems to be the Vancouver thing to do over the past 10 years or so. There’s a little brewery hidden in an industrial section of New Westminster. Where is it? Let’s find out.

We can’t also forget about transit here on metro babel.

The condos are blooming on the west side of Brunette Avenue in and around Royal Columbian Hospital, but there is life on the other side of the tracks. It’s just hidden. If you are taking the SkyTrain, take the Expo Line train destined for Production Way-University and get off at Sapperton Station.

Then you’ll need to walk the long way to reach our hidden destination today. Take the legal route and cross the pedestrian bridge and loop back down to Burnette to cross the street. Make your way below the SkyTrain tracks to the actual railroad tracks. Cross the Brunette River (which is tiny at this point). Walk all the way down Spruce Street to Edworthy Way. Walk along Edworthy to Capilano and hang a left. Look for the tiny ABC sandwich board. Or better yet, keep an eye out for that coffee and masala chai board. Then you’re there. Make your way to the back and you’ll find Another Beer Co.

During sunnier days in October, you could sit at ABC’s outdoor patio with Oktoberfest flags and colours around you. There’s no better way to imbue a fine beverage. It’s not a huge brewery, but enough vats for you to stare at. A fine collection of different beers. And merch. Most importantly, some Expo 86 merch.

Another Beer Co is definitely off the beaten path, but that’s part of the fun of coming down here.

What I came down for is the Expo 86 brew. It’s a kind of a pale ale, It’s a collaboration between VancouverIsAwesome.com and Another Beer Company. So that’s what really brought me down here. I heard about it through Vancouver Is Awesome.com. So worth checking out. It was a good tasting brew. The other brew that was recommended to me was Alternate Realities. It’s a kind of a hazy pale ale. So if you’re into hazy pale ales, it’s a good one to pick up as well.

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