Double Double & Donuts – Richmond Style

Double Double & Donuts. Hey. We’re in Canada. We all know that means.

But what’s a Double Double and Donuts – Richmond style? Well, let me tell you. It’s something entirely different.

Please join me in my latest video as I visit Richmond’s Double Double Restaurant, have some congee and Chinese donut. Then I hop on over to the nearby Aberdeen Centre for some Asian retail therapy.

Here’s also some fun facts covered in the video:

  • Double Double is what they call in Chinese a Jook Fun Min Fan (粥,粉,麵,飯) restaurant. Jook is congee. Fun is rice noodle. Min is noodle. Fan is rice. These four food items are also cheekily referred to as the “Four Great Inventions of China.”
  • If you didn’t know, tea is often complimentary in these restaurants. However, that’s not the case for dim sum. There’s a charge for tea in those restaurants.
  • There’s actually two varieties of Chinese Donut – there’s the long Salty Donut and the ellipitical Sweet Donut.
  • The Sweet Donut in Cantonese is roughly translates as the Cow’s Tongue Pastry. My guess is that the shape resembles a cow’s tongue?

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