Sound and Silence – lecture on how we hear

Here’s a notice about a lecture that I thought would be interesting to attend.  It’s a lecture held at the Chan Centre at UBC.  It’s on how we hear and what happens when we don’t hear properly.  I think hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities and yet it is also misunderstood.  Any information to shed more light on hearing and hearing loss … Continue reading Sound and Silence – lecture on how we hear

The High Cost of Hearing Loss

The High Cost of Hearing Loss. Trying this new Press This feature in WordPress.  Pretty impressive.  Saves me from creating the title and setting up the link.  Today’s story comes from The Vancouver Sun. I’m a little surprised that they found somebody with a hearing loss to interview.  Of course, it shouldn’t be that hard, but people with a hearing loss don’t usually like to … Continue reading The High Cost of Hearing Loss

Dion’s hearing loss

CTV News video clip (pardon the ad), Toronto Star, National Post, and Globe and Mail Lots of interesting media coverage across the country about Stephane Dion’s newly-announced hearing loss.  Indeed, he may be aiming for a sort of sympathetic or emotional reaction from voters, but that does not warrant some attacks on Dion about his hearing loss. Hearing loss is probably one of the most common … Continue reading Dion’s hearing loss

TransLink System Entirely Accessible?

It’s a short article from News1130. You can also visit this official press release on the TransLink website. Monday, June 02 – 04:09:00 PM Nikki Pena/Bruce Claggett VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – TransLink says all parts of the Lower Mainland transit system, including buses, SkyTrain, West Coast Express and SeaBus, are now fully accessible to people in wheelchairs and scooters. TransLink says the last hurdle was the … Continue reading TransLink System Entirely Accessible?