Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Year of the Monkey displays at Aberdeen Mall

Happy New Year! Chinese New Year, that is. Welcome to the Year of the Monkey in 2016. My celebrations included a visit to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond the week before. However, they were only setting up and the “flower market” wasn’t really open yet. The displays, though, were already all up. We were thinking of joining the countdown last night, but we had food and dog in tow. So we couldn’t go to the mall.

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Julia Baier’s Japanese Bathhouse Photos

JULIA BAIER – Sento – the Japanese Bathhouse, 2005 Many years ago, I had come across an article on the now defunct PingMag website, an online English-language Japanese design magazine.  They featured photos about Japanese Bathhouses known as sento.  I’ve talked about my personal experiences in Japanese sento and onsen back in 2009. While cleaning up some of my old posts, I re-stumbled upon my … Continue reading Julia Baier’s Japanese Bathhouse Photos

Happy New Year – Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year to all those who celebrate the Lunar New Year.  Some of you who do celebrate may adhere to some of the more interesting traditions like cleaning on the 28th day of the last month of the year and having a year end dinner with family on the Lunar New Year’s Eve.  Almost of all us do the red pocket giving and receiving … Continue reading Happy New Year – Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

Masks all around

Some of you who have visited this blog recently likely have noticed the new header image that I’ve been using.  Here it is again for future reference for the time when I change that header image. From walking around Japan for a couple of weeks in the midst of all this H1N1 hype, it’s not surprising to see folks walking around with face masks.  About … Continue reading Masks all around

The Asian concept of ‘face’

Face is a very large aspect of Asian culture. Face represents the level of glory and/or shame that an individual, a family, or even an entire nation has. This concept is something that is not necessarily well understood outside of Asian cultures. Face is given to an individual or group when something is accomplished or when they are praised. For example, the 2008 Summer Olympics … Continue reading The Asian concept of ‘face’