Remo Camerota’s Drainspotting

I came across an interesting article in the local Vancouver Chinese newspaper.  The colourful photos of manhole covers caught my attention.  And the photo of the British born, Australian artist, Remo Camerota, exhibiting his work in Hong Kong also caught my attention. Camerota was recently hired by Hong Kong’s Towngas to design a unique manhole pit cover for the company.  He released a book on … Continue reading Remo Camerota’s Drainspotting

Kinokuniya – My Favourite Japanese Bookstore in Seattle

Living in Vancouver, BC, we are in easy driving range of Seattle. One could easily make a day trip down to the Emerald City. Or as the recent “2 Days in Seattle” ad campaign suggests, you should spend two days in Seattle. For the past few trips into the US, I’ve made it a point to visit one particular bookstore in Seattle. It’s Kinokuniya. What’s … Continue reading Kinokuniya – My Favourite Japanese Bookstore in Seattle

The Death of the Vancouver Bookstore

In the past few years, I’ve watched the retail fronts of many a bookstore lower their shutters never to open them again. It looks like the good old local bookstore is disappearing in favour of online book sellers and the big box book megastore. It is with sadness that a local Vancouver icon in the book business is going out of business. I remember when … Continue reading The Death of the Vancouver Bookstore

Manufactured Landscapes

I just recently rented Manufactured Landscapess on DVD.  It’s a documentary that follows Canadian photographer, Edward Burtynsky, to China and Bangladesh on one of his photo shoot.  Burtynsky specializes in taking photos of how humans change nature and create new landscapes with industry. Burtynsky’s work is both beautiful and thought-provoking at the same time.  As he finds beauty in what the human race and human … Continue reading Manufactured Landscapes

One Thousand Languages

Here’s a book for my wish list.  I came across it last Friday at Sophia Books down on Hastings and Richards.  I’m plugging the store shamelessly because it’s a small bookstore that specializes in French, Japanese, and Spanish books and media.  I love to peruse their art books, magazines, and Japanese books.  There’s also an awesome mix of French and Japanese spoken in the store.  … Continue reading One Thousand Languages