‘Brain drain’ and Kindergarten

The brain drain on the economy may be child’s play – Vancouver Sun, Sept 16, 2009. For those who work with preschool children or those who have studied early childhood development, this article is not totally surprising.  The first 5 years of life are a huge factor in the development of a person’s behaviour and abilities. According to the HELP study, which tracked 140,000 students … Continue reading ‘Brain drain’ and Kindergarten

Higher gas prices lead to “utopia”?

Could $20-Per-Gallon Gasoline Make Us Happier? : NPR. National Public Radio has this excerpt from Christopher Steiner’s book, $20 Per Gallon, How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better. The title already has me a little skeptical. It sounds overly optimistic right off the bat. That’s in stark contrast to the message that James Howard Kunstler seems … Continue reading Higher gas prices lead to “utopia”?

Canadian Infrastructure Spending

canada.com – Rebuilding Canada – series If you have nothing to read over the holidays, then I guess you can read the series by the Canwest News Service.  The series focuses on Social/Recreational Facilities, Roads and Bridges, Public Transit, Water/Sewers, and Garbage Disposal.Already from glancing at the numbers and information, the details are hardly detailed enough to give you the precise picture of the funding … Continue reading Canadian Infrastructure Spending

The Big Three Dinosaurs

Please don’t bail out these companies.  That is my business view of looking at the auto industry in North America.  Why must we continue to fund three companies that are probably some of the most backwards and non-innovative automobile companies in the world. Yes, people’s jobs are on the line.  We can’t forget that.  The numbers are staggering if General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler go … Continue reading The Big Three Dinosaurs

Spend your way out of a recession?

The Globe and Mail, November 15, 2008 New York Times, November 9, 2008 Not sure if I would buy into the theory if spending your way out of a recession, but certainly Richard Koo, the chief economist for Japan’s Nomura Research Institute, would like you to.  His theory posits that Japan was able to maintain its current economic position in the world by spending during … Continue reading Spend your way out of a recession?