The free suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon Park

What’s the perfect Metro Vancouver day trip for waterfalls, a suspension bridge, a forest boardwalk, and lots of stairs

Look no further than North Vancouver’s Lynn Canyon. Many locals already know about this free alternative to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Continue reading The free suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon Park

The Imminent Parking Re-Think

I just read a long, but worthwhile article on “An End to Parking?” on Mother Jones.

An giant empty parking lot in Sapporo, Japan

If you haven’t heard, the future is coming soon to a road near you. And the future is self-driving cars. There’s been a lot of talk about self-driving cars over the years. I’ve even sat in one back in 2006 at a Toyota Showcase building in Odaiba area of Tokyo.

Continue reading “The Imminent Parking Re-Think”

Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

I really enjoyed this hour long video of Gordon Price talking about how constraints breed creativity. The Lower Mainland itself has constraints that frame the creativity of an urban landscape within a sea of green. This sea of green is bordered by water to the west, the US border to the south and the mountains to the north and east. Some of my favourite takeaway … Continue reading Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

I love videos like this one.  It’s so interesting to find little nuggets like this video on the Internet.  This video talks about “placemaking” in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  This is the neighbourhood in which Amazon’s headquarters are now located.  It’s urban and just on the northern edge of the Seattle’s downtown. The video also includes James Howard Kunstler, whose hyperbole about … Continue reading Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

Streetfilms – Vancouver transit and cycling integration

I haven’t visited Streetfilms in a long time.  The Buzzer Blog posted one of their recent films about Vancouver transit and cycling integration.  I wonder what a person from outside of the region thinks when they see this film.  It certainly gives the impression of wonderful freedom and integration.  However, the system is far from perfect, but we should toot our horn as a region … Continue reading Streetfilms – Vancouver transit and cycling integration

Incinerator debate in Ontario

Toronto Star >> Incineration – a recycling killer? Here’s a quick look at the question of incinerators, or waste-to-energy facilities, in Ontario.  There has been some talk about setting up more incinerators in the Lower Mainland.  We already have one in Burnaby.  The article has an interesting look at Detroit’s example of how Detroit has a lack of recycling because of the 20 year old … Continue reading Incinerator debate in Ontario

Garbage Separation in Japan

Sorting garbage is really an extensive process from what I’ve seen.  Even in fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s or Lotteria, they will ask customers to kindly sort their garbage.  I’ve had this experience a couple times over my couple of visits to Japan. In McDonald’s, I remember having to separate my drink into its component straw, lid, and cup before disposing of it.  Also, any … Continue reading Garbage Separation in Japan

Higher gas prices lead to “utopia”?

Could $20-Per-Gallon Gasoline Make Us Happier? : NPR. National Public Radio has this excerpt from Christopher Steiner’s book, $20 Per Gallon, How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better. The title already has me a little skeptical. It sounds overly optimistic right off the bat. That’s in stark contrast to the message that James Howard Kunstler seems … Continue reading Higher gas prices lead to “utopia”?