Canada blows post-oil economic opportunities

Canada blows post-oil economic opportunities >> Times Colonist, July 7, 2009. This one of those articles that would have slipped off on the sidelines if it weren’t for the diligent folk at the Sightline Institute scouring the media for relevant news. There was a time when politicians claimed Canada would become a world leader in clean, green technologies — that our educated workforce, abundant resources … Continue reading Canada blows post-oil economic opportunities Province warned Gateway project would hurt wildlife Province warned Gateway project would hurt wildlife. Even the mainstream media can’t avoid reporting this one.  They’ve ignored all the opposition to the Gateway Project for the most part.  However, a big revelation that the Environmental Assessment was a total crock could not be overlooked. Serious and irreversible damage is expected.  If the Environmental Assessment and the scientists at the Ministry of Environment were … Continue reading Province warned Gateway project would hurt wildlife

Backyard wind turbines The beauty of the backyard turbine. I would love to have something like a backyard wind turbine if it were less than $100 to set up.  Obviously, it seems to cost more than that to set something like that up in one’s backyard. Mr. Whittaker estimates that a backyard residential turbine costing about $5,000 will probably produce electricity at about 20 to 25 cents … Continue reading Backyard wind turbines

More About Garbage

In Vancouver, we’ve got some new garbage cans rolling out around the city.  I’ve seen them in two different places – the Cambie Village and Southeast False Creek.  These huge black garbage cans are known as BigBellys. As one of my friends told me, an regular garbage can often has to be emptied twice a day.  Imagine all those cans along Robson Street.  Maybe those … Continue reading More About Garbage

The Waste Management Trinity

Continuing today about my experiences and thoughts about Halifax.  Not everyone may notice this or even think it interesting, but Halifax has organic composting as a part of their municipal waste management.  On the street, you will find that their garbage cans come in threes – a sort of waste management trinity. There’s a can for everything here.  There’s recyclables like paper, bottles, and cans.  … Continue reading The Waste Management Trinity

Flight of the Hummingbird video

I sort of stumbled across a nice little animation posted up by the folks at, which is basically the web portal for Granville Magazine. It’s a little video about a hummingbird and the Great Fire that was aiming at destroying the forest. It’s like one of those short stories or parables.  Here.  Just watch it and judge for yourself what you think the message … Continue reading Flight of the Hummingbird video

Granville Magazine

I bet you haven’t seen this magazine on any newstand anywhere.  At least, I don’t think so.  It’s called Granville – sustainable city living. A couple of years ago, I went to the EP!C sustainable living and consumer show down at Canada Place.  There were all these companies trying to show consumers just how green they are.  Keep in mind that the show is aimed … Continue reading Granville Magazine

Transit in Canada – “Once in a generation” chance

Looks like transit is a popular mode of choice these days.  The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Canadian Urban Transit Association released a survey recently.  It’s an interesting pairing of big national organizations.  The FCM and CUTA both understand how underfunded Canadian cities are and one of the most underfunded items in any city is public transit. The survey has gotten a lot of … Continue reading Transit in Canada – “Once in a generation” chance

Your e-trash can help organized crime?

The Canadian Press I caught this article on my Google News reader.  Could my e-trash really be helping organized crime. Well, according to this article, yes.  The article only says that gangs are now shipping e-waste to Asia for re-use and salvaging of parts.  It also voices concern that there will not be a concern for environmental impact on the other end either. However, there … Continue reading Your e-trash can help organized crime?