Olympic Village Sunshine

We’ve been fortunate to have quite a few sunny days for this winter of 2013/14.  Who in Vancouver wouldn’t want more sunshine when we mostly get dripping, grey days? Video was shot handheld with my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone. Continue reading Olympic Village Sunshine

Musings – Amazing Race Stereotypes

I don’t know if anyone else has been watching Amazing Race Canada.  I’ve noticed a lot of stereotypes being thrown around on the show.  The couple from BC have been referred to as the “hippies” or “gypsies.”  They are more outdoors and nature-oriented and have longer Rastafarian type hair.  There are the buff, athletic guys. I haven’t heard any nicknames thrown their way so far, … Continue reading Musings – Amazing Race Stereotypes

Travel on my mind – Tokyo Timelapse

Another week and another set of videos that I’ve perusing.  I’ve got travel on my mind, but I don’t have any near-term plans for heading out of town.  I should be doing a more in-depth blog, but sloth is creeping in (and so are video games, I must confess).  However, if you love travel and you love videos of foreign locales, then I’ve got a … Continue reading Travel on my mind – Tokyo Timelapse

Scion commercial in Vancouver

I think I have way too much video and YouTube on my mind lately… More of Vancouver has been featured in a recent Scion commercial.  I saw this one on the tele the other day.  It shows Granville Street in its new “great white way” look with all the bright white light standards lining the sides.  It also features the car being driven over a … Continue reading Scion commercial in Vancouver

Melbourne Metro PSA – aka Dumb Ways to Die

It looks like this video has been making its viral rounds around the Internet. I’ve already seen it on one of my friend’s Facebook feed and on Jarrett Walker’s Human Transit blog. As I link into the YouTube video, it’s already hit over 23 million views at this point in time. It’s not as hot as Gangnam Style, but still catchy and it hopes to … Continue reading Melbourne Metro PSA – aka Dumb Ways to Die

Vancouver’s Dunsmuir and Granville Streets in Lexus commercial

Here’s something else I came across on streetfilms.org.  It’s a Lexus commercial, but it’s filmed in Vancouver at the intersection of Granville and Dunsmuir Streets.  It’s complete with the separated bike lane in the commercial.  Even though, as Streetfilms points out, there are cars travelling down the bike lane in the commercial.  There’s even one point where a car is going in the wrong direction … Continue reading Vancouver’s Dunsmuir and Granville Streets in Lexus commercial