The Beaches Around Comox

On one of my free days in Courtenay, I drove over to north side of the Courtenay River and through Comox to the beaches around Comox.  I started up along Lazo Road and slowly made my way up and around the Comox Airport.  There is quite a variety of shoreline in this area. The first beach was the very rocky Point Holmes near the north … Continue reading The Beaches Around Comox

Courtenay Riverway

On one of our first evenings in Courtenay, my high school classmate now living in Courtenay introduced us to the Courtenay Riverway. It’s a bike and pedestrian path that runs from just east of the 5th Avenue Bridge all the way to the Courtenay River Estuary.  On the first evening, we only walked partway to the Marina.  However, I went back a few days later … Continue reading Courtenay Riverway