Quick Compass Update

I’ve had the beta Compass card for about a week now.  This beta test would end up happening during a time of work where I need the car to do presentations and fairs.  However, a few things that I’ve shared with TransLink already. Tapping onto a crowded B-Line proves to be tricky.  People are hugging the poles at the back doors.  So it’s hard not … Continue reading Quick Compass Update

The Compass Card is Here!

As a selected beta tester for the new Compass Card, I am very excited to have the chance to use the card.  And here it is!  It just arrived in the mail yesterday. Apparently, I’ve received the Concession version of the Compass Card.  The back of the card says: This card may only be used by children 5-13 years, Secondary Students 14-19 years possessing a … Continue reading The Compass Card is Here!

Compass Beta Test – Yes!

Yes! I’ve been selected as one of the Compass Beta Testers.  That means I get an early preview of the new Compass smart cards.  I know there’s been a lot of negative coverage regarding a transfer penalty at SkyTrain stations and about privacy issues.  However, with my experience with Octopus cards in Hong Kong, I’m excited to compare and see how things stack up.  I … Continue reading Compass Beta Test – Yes!

Compass Gates and Bus Transfer Tickets

It looks like the blogosphere and twittersphere are happily talking about today’s article in the 24 Hours Vancouver about the bus tickets not being accepted at SkyTrain stations once the Compass Card is fully implemented. It looks that may be the case.  The bus drivers union is definitely afraid of the backlash that their members may face as cash-paying transit riders will be complaining about … Continue reading Compass Gates and Bus Transfer Tickets

Expo 86 Videos – reposted

Expo 86 videos. Oh the heady days of the summer of 86. We’re still not the great city of transport we wanted to be. http://ow.ly/e8J3J These are videos that I found in my Tyee news feed. The first video is of the original Mark I SkyTrain racing through the eastern end of the Expo 86 grounds.  There are also clips of the temporary gondola and … Continue reading Expo 86 Videos – reposted

Subways, smartphones, and grocery shopping – all in one?

A friend shared this video about a different kind of shopping experience in Korea. It involves putting up giant posters with photos of supermarket shelves in the subway system.  Then you add thousands of daily subway commuters with ubiquitous smartphones that can scan QR codes.  Basically, you can go grocery shopping while waiting for your train to arrive.  What an ingenious idea. I always appreciate … Continue reading Subways, smartphones, and grocery shopping – all in one?

Matrix barcodes hit Vancouver streets

The matrix code has finally come full force to Canada.  What’s a matrix code (aka. QR codes)?  You may have noticed funny little square barcodes on ads, in the free papers, and in magazines. I must always harp about how far behind Asia we are in terms of technology.  These matrix barcodes have been in common use in Japan for many, many years now.  They’ve … Continue reading Matrix barcodes hit Vancouver streets

First Buyers of Nissan Leaf Get a Trunkful of Perks – NYTimes.com

First Buyers of Nissan Leaf Get a Trunkful of Perks – NYTimes.com. It’s going to be released very soon.  I haven’t really been closely following the electric car thing that closely, but it looks like the Nissan Leaf, the all-electric car, is going to be available to some Americans as of December this year.  That’s sooner than I thought they’d be out. Different levels of … Continue reading First Buyers of Nissan Leaf Get a Trunkful of Perks – NYTimes.com

Sekai Camera iPhone application

dannychoo.com – Sekai Camera post Here’s a really neat iPhone application.  It’s called Sekai Camera.  I think you definitely need an iPhone 3GS to use this application.  A GPS seems to be required in order to use the application. The idea is that you take your iPhone around and turn on the Sekai Camera application.  You point your iPhone camera at a location and then … Continue reading Sekai Camera iPhone application