Merry Christmas with cups of good cheer

Christmas Day has come and I finally get a few days off. I will probably finish my Japan posts soon. It always seems to take half a year to finish blogging about a big trip. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my travels and my occasional punditry on things that interest me. For now, here’s a few cups of good cheer from a variety … Continue reading Merry Christmas with cups of good cheer

Taiko Drumming

I am so happy that I signed up for the Summer Program at Japanese Language School Hokkaido, or JaLS. All the cultural activities included in the fee are really worthwhile. One afternoon, we were taken out of Sapporo’s centre to an area called Shin Kotoni (新琴似), which is accessible on one of the JR lines out of Sapporo Station.

We ended up in a very residential area of town. There were not many stores around and the station was relatively quiet. It certainly wasn’t a busy transport hub. We walked for about 15-20 minutes from the JR station to a tiny little building on a tiny little residential street.

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Hokkaido Jingu Shrine

Here’s another trip that was a part of my school program at Hokkaido Japan Language School (JaLS). This afternoon, we headed off to the Hokkaido Jingu Shrine in the middle of Maruyama Park (円山公園 – maruyama kōen). We had to walk over to Ōdori Station again this time, but we boarded the orange Tōzai Line subway train.

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Mass Transit Systems that Changed Their Cities

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Of eight, including the Seoul Subway, the Hong Kong MTR, Washington State Ferries,  the Venetian Vaporetti, Melbourne’s Trams, Medellin’s Gondolas and the (Lost) Los Angeles Cable Cars, we’re No. 6. From io9: The Vancouver SkyTrain was built to reduce the amount of surface traffic in Vancouver, BC. The fully-automated elevated rapid transit line serves several areas around Vancouver, and has… Continue reading Mass Transit Systems that Changed Their Cities

Video: Andrew Coyne lecture for “Rethinking Transportation”

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Andrew Coyne’s February 25 lecture, “Easing Congestion in Metro Vancouver: Prices without Subsidies“. . And while we’re here, for your consideration. NEXT-GENERATION TRANSPORTATION CERTIFICATE  (Online)  . This new online program is designed to help mid-career professionals use next-generation transportation strategies to advance livable and sustainable cities of the future. Program applications are due July 29. Please note a special… Continue reading Video: Andrew Coyne lecture for “Rethinking Transportation”