A week of Road Pricing news

I’ve noticed that the Vancouver Sun has been featuring a lot of articles on Road Pricing in Metro Vancouver this week.  There’s been at least 6 articles in the past 4 days.  It’s a big topic with the impending Massey Tunnel replacement and need to replace the Patullo Bridge at the forefront of the Minister of Transportation’s agenda. Also, the features are meant to coincide … Continue reading A week of Road Pricing news

Transit and Geometry: What makes for success

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Jarrett Walker picked this up from a TransLink infographic, and as a result it’s had a lot of play. No wonder: a perfect illustration of a key lesson from Mr. Human Transit: “All other things being equal, long, straight routes perform better than short, squiggly and looping ones.” Here’s a collection of TransLink’s most heavily used routes: And the least:… Continue reading Transit and Geometry: What makes for success

Georgia Viaduct Walking Tour

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation does it again.  I simply love them and their tours.  A couple of Wednesday nights ago, I had the extreme pleasure of joining a small platoon of social media contest winners along with John Atkins and Gordon Price on a walking tour about the Georgia Viaduct. First off, there were the ruins of the first Georgia Viaduct.  I didn’t even know … Continue reading Georgia Viaduct Walking Tour

Bike Lanes and Property Values

With all the new segregated bike lanes going up in Vancouver, there’s been a lot of controversy about whether it’s necessary. Yes, it is definitely taking away road space.  However, the city’s own car counts of vehicular traffic going in and out of the downtown core shows that our traffic in 2010 was almost the same as car traffic in 1965! So what else have … Continue reading Bike Lanes and Property Values

Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

I really enjoyed this hour long video of Gordon Price talking about how constraints breed creativity. The Lower Mainland itself has constraints that frame the creativity of an urban landscape within a sea of green. This sea of green is bordered by water to the west, the US border to the south and the mountains to the north and east. Some of my favourite takeaway … Continue reading Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

A Dutch transpo…

A Dutch transport planner once explained his obsession with frequent, reliable transit networks (at which the Netherlands excels) … this way: “We shouldn’t think of buses, trams and trains as ships on a river. We should think of the network as the river, and the passengers as boats. The river is always there, and the boats may navigate it as they wish”. I saw this … Continue reading A Dutch transpo…

UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Is it just me or does transit news only ever get released on Fridays? On Friday, the papers were abuzz again about the UBC Broadway Rapid Transit corridor.  A KPMG report prepared for the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia pushes for a fully underground rapid transit line connecting UBC to the Broadway-Commercial area.  Outside of Downtown Vancouver, the Central Broadway Corridor … Continue reading UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Norquay Village Open House

[all images from City of Vancouver documents] Over the weekend, I went to the Norquay Village Open House at Norquay Elementary School in East Vancouver.  You can be forgiven for not knowing where Norquay is.  Norquay is technically part of the larger Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood.  The neighbourhood centres around Kingsway from Gladstone Street on the western edge to Killarney Street on its eastern edge.  The north … Continue reading Norquay Village Open House

Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

I love videos like this one.  It’s so interesting to find little nuggets like this video on the Internet.  This video talks about “placemaking” in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  This is the neighbourhood in which Amazon’s headquarters are now located.  It’s urban and just on the northern edge of the Seattle’s downtown. The video also includes James Howard Kunstler, whose hyperbole about … Continue reading Vimeo Video: Placemaking & Seattle

Good Reads 2 – A Convenience Truth

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Another Fall book – this one from Patrick Condon’s shop at UBC: a collaboration by 20 student landscape architects and planners who in only 13 weeks produced a detailed 2050 vision for a sustainable City of Vancouver. Seventeen students combined to do a 2050 plan for the City of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver is considered by many to be North America’s… Continue reading Good Reads 2 – A Convenience Truth