Adam Ruins Everything, including Cars


I had been meaning to share these Adam Ruins Everything clips, but only got around to it now. Cars and car dealerships have changed the North American landscape. We don’t question the environment we live in, but it doesn’t have to function this way necessarily. Adam may ruin everything, but he definitely gives us food for thought.

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Covered Roots: The History of Vancouver’s Chinese Farms – Video

Here’s a neat video I came across while reading about East Van Market Gardens tour done by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. It’s a 22-minute video that talks about the history of how Chinese immigrants farmed much of the area. This agricultural history all used to take place right in the middle of the city.

“Through The Cracks | Spider Man” – Making of a Mural (video)

A non-transit referendum related post to break things up for a bit.

An awesome new mural has appeared in an alley behind Columbia St between West 3rd and West 4th Avenues. Here’s a great time lapse to capture the creation of a very dynamic mural. Go to the mural and take some awesome jumping sidekick selfies with it! Hm…I should take my own advice 😛