Toronto 2013 – Around the Royal York

At the end of September, I had the chance to be in Toronto for a work-related meeting.  The weather in Vancouver had already an added crispness while Toronto was still hovering in the low 20’s and high teens for temperature. It had been at least 4 years since I last visited Toronto itself.  I had flown through Pearson International Airport a few times, but I … Continue reading Toronto 2013 – Around the Royal York

Edmonton North LRT – Under Construction

Here’s the last of my Edmonton LRT posts from July 2013.  (It’s amazing how far behind I am on posting things, but things are too busy to do photos and blog everyday).  This post covers the construction of the new Edmonton North LRT.  It’s currently the North LRT, but it will eventually be called the Metro Line once everything is finished. The North LRT currently … Continue reading Edmonton North LRT – Under Construction

Edmonton LRT – South LRT

After the Health Sciences Station at the University of Alberta, the Edmonton LRT continues south along 114 Street.  The next stop is McKernan Belgravia.  It’s a small, unassuming station near 76 Avenue.  The largest landmark around here is the McKernan School across the street.  Photographically, what interested me was the underground pedestrian/bicycle passage way and the ramps on either side. Further south along 114th Street … Continue reading Edmonton LRT – South LRT

Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

I really enjoyed this hour long video of Gordon Price talking about how constraints breed creativity. The Lower Mainland itself has constraints that frame the creativity of an urban landscape within a sea of green. This sea of green is bordered by water to the west, the US border to the south and the mountains to the north and east. Some of my favourite takeaway … Continue reading Gordon Price at July’s Creative Mornings

Quebec City – Outside the City Walls/À Centre-Ville

There is obviously more to Quebec City than just Vieux-Quèbec, or Old Quebec.  The Old City is what draws everyone to Quebec for all it’s beauty and history.  However, one can and should venture beyond the city walls a little bit. One evening, we left the Old City to grab some food. We had just trekked along the Governors’ Promenade and cut through the snowy … Continue reading Quebec City – Outside the City Walls/À Centre-Ville

Quebec City – The Governors’ Promenade

The Governor’s Promenade in Quebec City was opened by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker back in 1960.  It’s basically an elevated boardwalk that’s built into the side of the citadel fortifications of Quebec City.  It offers great views of the St. Lawrence River below. It’s also one of the main connectors between the Chateau Frontenac, where all tourists seem to congregate, and the Plains of Abraham. … Continue reading Quebec City – The Governors’ Promenade

Quebec City – Vieux-Port/Old Port

After returning from Lévis on ferry, we were pretty hungry.  We walked the lower town towards Rue St. Paul.  Rue St. Paul is just below the ramparts of the upper town and runs alongside the Port of Quebec.  We were on our way to a recommended eatery along Rue St. Paul. We passed some neat little store fronts. There were a few antique shops along … Continue reading Quebec City – Vieux-Port/Old Port

Quebec City – Across the River in Lévis

After an icy ferry ride across the St. Lawrence River, we ended up in the City of Lévis.  It’s a small town built upon a ridge overlooking the St. Lawrence on the southeast shore of the river. If you arriving in Lévis by ferry, as we did, then you will need to take one of two sets of stairs up to the main town above. … Continue reading Quebec City – Across the River in Lévis

Quebec City – Ferry Across the Icy St. Lawrence

When people visit Quebec City, they usually stay in the Old City. However, my coworkers and I caught a glimpse of the ferry plying through the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River. That got us thinking to what is on the other side of the river. We soon found out from the hotel concierge that the city of Lèvis sits on the southeast side … Continue reading Quebec City – Ferry Across the Icy St. Lawrence