Vancouver Plan

Have you heard about the Vancouver Plan? The Vancouver Plan will feature a single, city-wide plan to guide future growth in line with key community priorities. The Vancouver Plan will also aim to keep the qualities that make Vancouver special while responding to the challenges facing the city and its residents. The Vancouver Plan has been in process for a while, but it is now … Continue reading Vancouver Plan

Transportation and Transit Plan 6 – 41st Avenue B-Line

Project #6 is another university bound B-Line in the Regional Transportation Investments that will transform Metro Vancouver as we know it.

41st Avenue B-Line (Joyce Station to University of British Columbia)

41st ave bline map

This route is of personal importance to me. I took a bus out to UBC during my uni days and endured many 1-hour bus rides along 41st Avenue. The 41st Avenue B-Line would be another express bus upgrade. This route is currently served by both #41 and #43 buses. The #43 is the current express bus that only runs during rush hour.  I would hope a new B-Line along 41st Avenue would bring all-day, frequent, limited-stop service to 41st Avenue.
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Canada Line preview – time lapse video

I’m surprised I didn’t come across this video earlier.  The video is from May 2009 and is a time-lapse (albeit in reverse) of a run along the Canada Line from Waterfront Station all the way to the airport.   The video actually stops short of YVR station, which is a shame.  However, it gives you an idea of how the line will feel like if you … Continue reading Canada Line preview – time lapse video