Merchants, residents fight Broadway SkyTrain, citing Cambie construction mess

Merchants, residents fight Broadway SkyTrain, citing Cambie construction mess.

Kudos for the merchants along West Broadway for being pro-active and drawing the line in the sand.  Sure, it may seem a little premature, but if a Cut-and-Cover construction, similar to Cambie Street’s Canada Line construction, is chosen then it will be quite disruptive.

I particularly like this part of the article:

“We want them to get the message that the people just don’t want it,” said Donna Dobo, owner of Just Imagine, a clothing store on West Broadway.

“We are in favour of improving rapid transit, but it has to be sustainable, affordable, and community-friendly, which basically describes the Portland system of light-rail trolleys that use overhead power,” Dobo said.

The $3-billion price tag is an indication that the government wants to extend the SkyTrain system along the length of Broadway, she said, as the other options would be far cheaper.

“We want a system that will have many stops along Broadway that will serve our community, too, not just something to bring people from Coquitlam to UBC,” said Dobo, who is a member of the West Broadway Business Association.

The business association did not rule out light rail. That’s a step forward.  Light rail will bring a more human form, albeit slower, of transit through West Broadway.  I’m glad to see that the business association is open to the surface transit option.