Mural Search – Mount Pleasant

After walking from the Olympic Village and snaking my way up to Broadway, I finally went south of Broadway. The Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF) was my first stop.

This small art gallery had been done up in mostly graffiti style murals, but there was at least one First Nations themed piece and one that I can’t quite describe.

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Mural Search – South Main

The mural search took a huge detour for lunch. I found myself at the Starbucks at the very edge of the Olympic Village. All I had was my iPhone and the Starbucks app to pay for food and drink. At least I had something.


I also decided to open up my Pokemon GO to see if anything was going on in the hood. That’s when I realized there was a blooming triple-lure spot. Couldn’t help but plunk myself in the Bird Plaza for about an hour to rest up my feet before setting out for more murals 😛

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Mural Search – False Creek Flats


South of the Main Street SkyTrain Station and Terminal Avenue, one can find a collection of the newest murals in Vancouver. If you don’t mind walking off the beaten path into the industrial False Creek Flats, you will be duly rewarded with artful surprises. Look for the Fontile Kitchen & Bath & Store and the Tim Horton’s. Those two business mark the southern corners of Station Street and Terminal Avenue. Head south until you find the giant red/peach mural on a warehouse wall on the west side of the street. Stand there and get to “Knot Yourself.”

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Station Street – North of Terminal Ave

The Vancouver Mural Festival had taken place on August 20. I didn’t have time to go out and take in all the murals that day. However, the Friday after I went in search of the murals on a hot and sunny morning.


I got off the SkyTrain at Main Street Station and went north thinking there might be some murals between the SkyTrain and the viaducts. At least that’s what the Vancouver Mural Festival map suggested to me.

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Canada Line could open in August

Canada Line could open in August.

Here’s some exciting news for transit users and transit buffs.  If the Canada Line opens early in August, we can take advantage of the convenience and speed of the line earlier.

As I have visited Richmond in the past month or so, I’ve seen quite a few trains running back and forth along the tracks overhead.  The stations are coming together, although, there looks to be a lot of wiring that needs to be done.

The Airport portion is probably most complete, but from photos I’ve seen on Canada Line Photography Blog, there is a still a lot of stuff to get done.  Most of the glass walls are in place and the escalators look like they are being installed.

In Vancouver, all the stations’ main structures are in place, but the entrances are all coming together.  There’s definitely a theme of wood and concrete starting to show.  Much more concrete than wood, though.  The roads surrounding the stations are still in a state of disarray for the moment.

One concern that has many south of the Fraser and Richmond residents upset, though, is that all, or almost all of, the suburban to downtown routes will discontinued in favour of funnelling those passengers onto the Canada Line at Bridgeport Station.  What was a comfortable one seat ride on a highway coach will likely become a two-seat ride where the second half will have to be standing room only.

For all the good and bad, I do look forward to the chance to ride the line when it opens, whenever it opens.