My (brief) Cycling Experience in Japan

Bicycles are pretty ubiquitous in Japan and a part of the everyday fabric. Kids, salarymen, sales ladies, and seniors all seem to ride bikes everywhere in Japan. Bikes are on sidewalks and on the street and nobody thinks anything of them. There isn’t the hyped up car versus bicycle antagonism that exists here in Vancouver. So I really wanted to experience what riding a bike was like in Japan.

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Vancouver Civic Elections – November 15, 2014

Here’s a break from my currently scheduled travel blogging. I just wanted to put my two cents out there regarding tomorrow’s civic elections for the City of Vancouver. The whole province is undergoing civic elections in each city, township, district, and village, but I’m going to talk about Vancouver since that’s where I live.

Civic elections are the most personal election because it affects my daily life in the city from parking to parks and from public spaces to property taxes. Most people unwisely skip out on civic elections because they don’t think they are as important as provincial or federal elections. Simply not true. Civic elections have the biggest effect on how your city/town feels.

When I watch these elections, my big issue is always transportation. Those who’ve read my non-travel posts know that I’m a total transit nut. So naturally, my vote goes to where I feel transportation policies are best. I’m only going to talk about the 3 main parties in the running for mayor and city council.

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Census Data Mapped for Metro Vancouver

I must admit that I’m a map maniac.  Even my friends in Toronto realized after living only a few months in Toronto. Probably because they noticed that pasted laminated copies of the New York Subway system, the TTC, and TransLink on my walls. The Vancouver Sun has been posting up a lot of map eye-candy the past few weeks.  Their Metro Vancouver Mapped series is … Continue reading Census Data Mapped for Metro Vancouver

High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower

High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower. Universities have always been places of innovation.  So it’s nice to see UBC have some brand new fangled bike racks.  Too bad UBC has always been way out of riding radius.  Even biking to work is a long stretch for me.  I’m not in the favoured 5 km radius from work.  Fun looking racks, though.  The article … Continue reading High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower

Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?

Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?. This news article is a few days old now, but it is quite a fascinating read considering that Don Cayo, a business-centric write at the Vancouver Sun, is writing this piece. It’s clear to him and Jerry Dobrovolny, the director of transportation at the City of Vancouver, that the cost of roads are paid mainly by property … Continue reading Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?