My (brief) Cycling Experience in Japan

Bicycles are pretty ubiquitous in Japan and a part of the everyday fabric. Kids, salarymen, sales ladies, and seniors all seem to ride bikes everywhere in Japan. Bikes are on sidewalks and on the street and nobody thinks anything of them. There isn’t the hyped up car versus bicycle antagonism that exists here in Vancouver. So I really wanted to experience what riding a bike was like in Japan.

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Census Data Mapped for Metro Vancouver

I must admit that I’m a map maniac.  Even my friends in Toronto realized after living only a few months in Toronto. Probably because they noticed that pasted laminated copies of the New York Subway system, the TTC, and TransLink on my walls. The Vancouver Sun has been posting up a lot of map eye-candy the past few weeks.  Their Metro Vancouver Mapped series is … Continue reading Census Data Mapped for Metro Vancouver