Transportation and Transit Plan 15 – Broadway SkyTrain Extension

Next to the Surrey LRT project, this is the next largest of the planned transit projects in the Mayor’s Council plan. This is also the planned project with the most profound effect on how I personally travel in my daily life and it will have a huge effect on my workplace in Kitsilano.

Broadway SkyTrain Extension

broadway skytrain extension
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99 B Line Queuing Study

It looks like I was a part of a study and didn’t even realize it. Back in January, I had arrived at Broadway & Commercial as a part of my daily commute and was greeted with the bright yellow tape on the sidewalk leading up to the 99 B-Line stop. Signs were posted saying that it was part of queuing study for the B-Line. The B-Line has over 50,000 riders every day. It claims to be North America’s busiest bus route. I can believe that given the long lines that form every morning for the bus. The long lines persist even though the buses are as frequent as 2-5 minutes during rush hour.

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UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Is it just me or does transit news only ever get released on Fridays? On Friday, the papers were abuzz again about the UBC Broadway Rapid Transit corridor.  A KPMG report prepared for the City of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia pushes for a fully underground rapid transit line connecting UBC to the Broadway-Commercial area.  Outside of Downtown Vancouver, the Central Broadway Corridor … Continue reading UBC-Broadway & Surrey Rapid Transit

Scion commercial in Vancouver

I think I have way too much video and YouTube on my mind lately… More of Vancouver has been featured in a recent Scion commercial.  I saw this one on the tele the other day.  It shows Granville Street in its new “great white way” look with all the bright white light standards lining the sides.  It also features the car being driven over a … Continue reading Scion commercial in Vancouver

Memories on Transit 2 – the 80’s Broadway milk run on #9

Before the SkyTrain ever plied the rails in Vancouver, life on transit was, well, slower.  If anyone had to travel along Broadway, there was only the #9.  The 99 B-Line didn’t start running until the late 90’s, so there was no quick way across town. I was a kid back in the 80’s.  And my brother and I had to head out to UBC.  It … Continue reading Memories on Transit 2 – the 80’s Broadway milk run on #9

UBC Broadway Debate

TransLink started their newest consultation last week.  The UBC – Broadway corridor has been studied to death over the past 20 years, but here’s our latest manifestation. TransLink has opened up their Be Part of the Plan website to comments and feedback.  They have provided 6 alternatives showing 6 basic routing options with a mix of 3-4 four different technology options.  Check out their Alternatives … Continue reading UBC Broadway Debate

The high cost of ‘free’ parking

The high cost of ‘free’ parking >> Vancouver Sun, July 7, 2009. A very important article in the back of the Vancouver Sun’s Tuesday edition.  Usually you find important transport information on Friday’s when nobody is reading, but this one is a guest opinion-editorial from the looks of it. Municipal regulations requiring urban developments to provide on-site parking seem innocuous and receive little attention in … Continue reading The high cost of ‘free’ parking

Canada Line preview – time lapse video

I’m surprised I didn’t come across this video earlier.  The video is from May 2009 and is a time-lapse (albeit in reverse) of a run along the Canada Line from Waterfront Station all the way to the airport.   The video actually stops short of YVR station, which is a shame.  However, it gives you an idea of how the line will feel like if you … Continue reading Canada Line preview – time lapse video

W Broadway & Vine – Connaught Apartments

A Kitsilano cowboy with a heritage touch << Vancouver Sun It’s nice to come across this little piece in the Sun the other day.  It’s about an apartment that I have had the joy of walking past and actually being in, as well.  Unfortunately, I was only in the coffee shop on the corner and not the rest of the building.  The rest of the … Continue reading W Broadway & Vine – Connaught Apartments

Merchants, residents fight Broadway SkyTrain, citing Cambie construction mess

Merchants, residents fight Broadway SkyTrain, citing Cambie construction mess. Kudos for the merchants along West Broadway for being pro-active and drawing the line in the sand.  Sure, it may seem a little premature, but if a Cut-and-Cover construction, similar to Cambie Street’s Canada Line construction, is chosen then it will be quite disruptive. I particularly like this part of the article: “We want them to … Continue reading Merchants, residents fight Broadway SkyTrain, citing Cambie construction mess