The Imminent Parking Re-Think

I just read a long, but worthwhile article on “An End to Parking?” on Mother Jones.

An giant empty parking lot in Sapporo, Japan

If you haven’t heard, the future is coming soon to a road near you. And the future is self-driving cars. There’s been a lot of talk about self-driving cars over the years. I’ve even sat in one back in 2006 at a Toyota Showcase building in Odaiba area of Tokyo.

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Adam Ruins Everything, including Cars


I had been meaning to share these Adam Ruins Everything clips, but only got around to it now. Cars and car dealerships have changed the North American landscape. We don’t question the environment we live in, but it doesn’t have to function this way necessarily. Adam may ruin everything, but he definitely gives us food for thought.

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Layers of Human Experience

I have heard the term “layers of human experience” used a few times recently. I’ve actually heard it mostly from Gordon Price. He talked about it on his talk at Creative Mornings in July. He also used it during the recent Viaducts Heritage Walk put on by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. Gordon mentioned that when a building or structure has been around long enough that … Continue reading Layers of Human Experience

my modo experience so far – part 2

Following up on Part 1, I wanted to share some actual driving experiences.  I have had a chance to try a few different modo vehicles.  Some are in good condition and drive fine, while some are starting to feel their age.  The advantage of driving modo is definitely the variety of cars you can access. The most interesting drive was a Nissan Cube that I … Continue reading my modo experience so far – part 2

Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?

Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?. This news article is a few days old now, but it is quite a fascinating read considering that Don Cayo, a business-centric write at the Vancouver Sun, is writing this piece. It’s clear to him and Jerry Dobrovolny, the director of transportation at the City of Vancouver, that the cost of roads are paid mainly by property … Continue reading Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?

How will we pay for the transit system we NEED?

A matter of LIVABILITY >> Vancouver Sun, June 19, 2009 [Like I said on a previous post, I’m totally behind.  This has been sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks.] An apt title in the Vancouver Sun for how are we going to live in the future.  That will be decided by our transportation plan in the next couple of decades.  We need a … Continue reading How will we pay for the transit system we NEED?

The Big Three Dinosaurs

Please don’t bail out these companies.  That is my business view of looking at the auto industry in North America.  Why must we continue to fund three companies that are probably some of the most backwards and non-innovative automobile companies in the world. Yes, people’s jobs are on the line.  We can’t forget that.  The numbers are staggering if General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler go … Continue reading The Big Three Dinosaurs