Toronto 2013 – Ai Weiwei at the AGO

When I told one of my high school friends that I was going to Toronto, he highly recommended dropping by the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit. Thankfully, the exhibit had been on for a while and the David Bowie exhibit just started the weekend I was there.  So basically, I wasn’t fighting to buy a ticket.  The David Bowie exhibit had already sold out for the day.

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Cultural Identity Among Chinese – 2

Part 1 of “Cultural Identity among Chinese” introduced the idea that there is more than one Chinese cultural group.  In fact, there are a whole host of sub-cultures within the larger one. Part 1 introduced us to three larger umbrella groups within Chinese culture – Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. What is each group’s identity? When it comes to identity, the three groups are … Continue reading Cultural Identity Among Chinese – 2

Cultural Identity among Chinese

Questioning cultural identity seems to be a strange exercise for people who are clearly “Chinese” to an outsider, but Chinese is very much an umbrella term.  Somebody may think of Chinese as one big, monolithic, homogenous culture.  In reality, it is quite heterogeneous. Recent events and a new academic survey have highlighted differences in identity of Hong Kong Chinese and Mainland Chinese.  There now seems … Continue reading Cultural Identity among Chinese

Musings of a Multilingual 4 | Learning Mandarin

Onto my fourth language – Mandarin. Mandarin is the dominant dialect of Chinese. It is referred to as the common language in Chinese. However, I grew up with Cantonese in my home. So you’d think learning one Chinese dialect when you know another would be easy. Not for me. I didn’t really learn Mandarin until I had finished my university degree and went overseas to … Continue reading Musings of a Multilingual 4 | Learning Mandarin

May 4th, 2012

Some short notes about May 4th, 2012: Apparently today is Star Wars Day.  It must be thanks to this serendipitous pun: May the fourth be with you. Today is when our Royal Canadian Mint stops issuing our beloved/much hated/pick your adjective penny.  Goodbye little one-cent coin.  You will be missed sentimentally, but my coin purse will be so happy that you are gone. Today is … Continue reading May 4th, 2012

Chinese Village Kinship

Village kinship is a strong connection between individuals from the same village.  It is an especially strong concept in some Chinese circles.  If you and I came from the same village and met each other in some far flung city, we would treat each other like brothers. One of the most common questions, especially for an older generation of Chinese, is what county is your … Continue reading Chinese Village Kinship

My top transit experiences of the decade (2000-2009)

Here’s a break from my Japan and Kansai travel posts.  This post is inspired by Jhen over at the Buzzer Blog.  In a recent post, she asked us to share our top transit moments over the past decade.  Thanks to Jhen for a great job over the past year.  The Buzzer Blog has really become a regular read for me. I rang in the new … Continue reading My top transit experiences of the decade (2000-2009)

China and the Urbanism of Ambition « Stephen Rees’s blog

China and the Urbanism of Ambition « Stephen Rees’s blog Thanks to Stephen Rees for putting up notes about this recent talk at SFU.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go.  Life just gets too busy, but China definitely has a big interest to me (if you haven’t figured out already). It seems the speaker, Tom Campanella, had quite a “shock and awe” type … Continue reading China and the Urbanism of Ambition « Stephen Rees’s blog