99 B Line Queuing Study

It looks like I was a part of a study and didn’t even realize it. Back in January, I had arrived at Broadway & Commercial as a part of my daily commute and was greeted with the bright yellow tape on the sidewalk leading up to the 99 B-Line stop. Signs were posted saying that it was part of queuing study for the B-Line. The B-Line has over 50,000 riders every day. It claims to be North America’s busiest bus route. I can believe that given the long lines that form every morning for the bus. The long lines persist even though the buses are as frequent as 2-5 minutes during rush hour.

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September bus improvements

Translink news release – Largest service increase Another September and another round of bus improvements to “try” and keep up with demand.  Now that Langara College is on the U-Pass program, expect heavy, heavy ridership along 49th Avenue to be absolutely crazy.  It was already crazy without U-Pass; imagine with U-Pass. Labour Day marks the traditional end of summer vacation, and for commuters in Metro … Continue reading September bus improvements