Joyce-Collingwood Precinct – a brief history

Welcome to my hood. This is Joyce-Collingwood. I’m still not used to the long version of the Skytrain station name. I still just call it Joyce Station. However, Collingwood is the official name of the neighbourhood, hence the hyphenated name.

Joyce Collingwood 3D model capture

Well before I was ever around, this area of Collingwood was a lake where the Musqueam nation used to hunt and gather food. When colonial settlement happened, European settlers found that they could drain the lake and use the fertile soil for farming. In 1891, the Interurban tram opened along the very same alignment as today’s SkyTrain. The Interurban brought people, housing and businesses into the area.

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Closing 3 schools in one neighbourhood can’t be a good thing

Parents, teachers mobilize to protest against possible school closures — Vancouver Sun. How on earth did three schools all within a few blocks of each other land on the same chopping block?  Sir Guy Carleton Elementary, Collingwood Neighbourhood School, and Graham Bruce Elementary are all in the Collingwood neighbourhood in East Vancouver.  Carleton is home to one of the oldest surviving schoolhouses in the city.  … Continue reading Closing 3 schools in one neighbourhood can’t be a good thing

Summer Spaces – Car-free Sundays across Vancouver

Car-free Sundays get green light from Vancouver >> The city of Vancouver has recently approved four car free Sundays this summer.  The new initiative is part of the Summer Spaces proposal by the city of Vancouver.   (The official PDF report can be found at the city website). The neighbourhoods which will be holding these Summer Spaces are Commercial Drive, Collingwood, Gastown, and Mount Pleasant.  Mount … Continue reading Summer Spaces – Car-free Sundays across Vancouver