Cost savings by not owning a car

The Globe and Mail featured an article talking about Mr. Money Mustache. I had never heard about him before, but apparently he is a Canadian-trained computer scientist who decided to do something different with his money – stash it away.

One of the key ways that he saves money is by driving as little as possible. The money he would have been spending on an extra car at home, he just socks away. Whenever he can, he rides his bike.

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Getting Around Sapporo – Japan Rail (JR)

In Japan, Japan Rail (JR) is a name that can be found across the country. It comes in many flavours. There’s the green JR East that most people will see in Tokyo, the blue JR West found in Kansai townships, the orange JR Central that serves everything between Kanto and Kansai regions, and more. In Hokkaido, there is the light green manifestation of JR known as JR Hokkaido.

In Sapporo, almost all the JR trains must go through Sapporo Station. This is probably the busiest train station in all of Hokkaido seeing about 90,000 passengers a day go through its doors. If you walk through the station around 6pm, you will feel the rush of 90,000 passengers a day.

If one must get to destinations beyond Sapporo or outside of the subway system, then JR is one way to do it. You can think of JR as a commuter rail system serving the “suburbs” of Sapporo. JR Hokkaido is more than just a suburban commuter rail, but for the purpose of getting around the outer areas of Sapporo, that’s the closest description that matches its services.

Sapporo JR Lines Map

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Shifting Gears II – Walking « Stephen Rees’s blog

Shifting Gears II – Walking >> Stephen Rees’s Blog [I am totally behind in everything these days.  I’ll conveniently blame it on summer 🙂 ] It looks like our good friend Stephen was at one of those great free public lectures that are held downtown.  This one was at UBC Robson Square. I especially like this graph about the health costs of different transport interventions.  … Continue reading Shifting Gears II – Walking « Stephen Rees’s blog

More SkyTrain Expansion?

The Vancouver Sun – December 11, 2008 More SkyTrain Expansion to be studied?  Do we need more studies at this point?  Perhaps studies for alignment, but the technology choice is becoming more obvious over time.  SkyTrain is not a very cost-effective mode of transportation.  You get less bang for your buck.  For the same amount of money, you could lay down way more kilometres of … Continue reading More SkyTrain Expansion?