Downtown Courtenay – Along 5th Street

Here’s a snippet of photos from along 5th Avenue in Downtown Courtenay.  The downtown is not very big. Most of the shops are centred along 5th Avenue, although you can find some shops and services along the adjacent 4th and 6th Streets.  Interestingly, the cross streets starting from the river go more or less alphabetically.  The Cona Hostel is on Anderton Avenue.  B is missing, … Continue reading Downtown Courtenay – Along 5th Street

Courtenay Riverway

On one of our first evenings in Courtenay, my high school classmate now living in Courtenay introduced us to the Courtenay Riverway. It’s a bike and pedestrian path that runs from just east of the 5th Avenue Bridge all the way to the Courtenay River Estuary.  On the first evening, we only walked partway to the Marina.  However, I went back a few days later … Continue reading Courtenay Riverway

Courtenay – The Cona Hostel

For our stay in Courtenay, we stayed at The Cona Hostel along the river.  You absolutely cannot miss the orange building sitting on the banks of the Courtenay River.  It is situated in downtown Courtenay, but you don’t feel downtown at all.  It’s in an old heritage building. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a heritage building. Much of … Continue reading Courtenay – The Cona Hostel