BC Election – Neither Liberals or NDP understand tolls

It’s been a long time since my last post, but recent transportation news is too big to ignore. Both the major political parties have announced their stances on tolls.

On the same day the Liberals announced they would cap tolls on the Port Mann and Golden Ears Bridges at $500 a year starting Jan. 1, 2018 — a move that could cut a motorist’s driving costs by up to $1,000 a year — NDP leader John Horgan stole the Liberals’ thunder by promising to get rid of tolls for both bridges altogether if elected.

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A Long 11-week Federal Election Campaign – Good or Bad?

I’m not entirely sure I like the idea of a long 11-week federal election campaign. Voting day is this year is October 19, 2015. If memory serves me correctly, this is the first federal election under the fixed-election date era. Prime Minister Stephen Harper just asked the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament on Sunday, August 2; thus, triggering the election campaign preceding the fixed election date.

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Vancouver Civic Elections – November 15, 2014

Here’s a break from my currently scheduled travel blogging. I just wanted to put my two cents out there regarding tomorrow’s civic elections for the City of Vancouver. The whole province is undergoing civic elections in each city, township, district, and village, but I’m going to talk about Vancouver since that’s where I live.

Civic elections are the most personal election because it affects my daily life in the city from parking to parks and from public spaces to property taxes. Most people unwisely skip out on civic elections because they don’t think they are as important as provincial or federal elections. Simply not true. Civic elections have the biggest effect on how your city/town feels.

When I watch these elections, my big issue is always transportation. Those who’ve read my non-travel posts know that I’m a total transit nut. So naturally, my vote goes to where I feel transportation policies are best. I’m only going to talk about the 3 main parties in the running for mayor and city council.

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Changes for future municipal elections?

Here’s a personal wishlist for future civic elections.  I think one of these wishes is already set to happen for the next election. 1. Cap spending for municipal elections and limit donations We need to even the ground for the municipal elections.   A lot of smaller cities run election campaigns from a candidate’s kitchen table.  In Vancouver, the two biggest parties have their own little … Continue reading Changes for future municipal elections?

One more list of endorsements

Spacing Vancouver has also just posted a recommendation list for their top 10 councillor choices and an alternate 5. It picks from across the board with NPA, Vision, Green, and Independent choices. It’s an impressive list. Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver did not make the top 10, but there’s one NSV candidate on the alternate 5 list. I think Spacing Vancouver has recommended a very … Continue reading One more list of endorsements

Personal take on the Vision Vancouver platform

Vision Vancouver lead by Mayor Gregor Robertson is looking for a strong re-election along with their COPE compatriots.  Here’s my look at their platform. 1. Homelessness and Affordable Housing This is one of the keystones of Vision’s campaign.  Some things have been accomplished with help from the BC government in the past 3 years.  There’s a lot of debate whether Vision’s methods have been more … Continue reading Personal take on the Vision Vancouver platform

Greens Nominate Stephen Rees as Candidate for Provincial Election in Richmond East « Stephen Rees’s blog

Well, it looks like Stephen Rees has thrown his hat in the ring of BC Politics.  I did say once to him in a comment that he seemed to be the only voice of opposition that I regularly encountered in the media.  The NDP just never seemed to have much to say.  (Either that or the media just never covered it). I would likely vote … Continue reading Greens Nominate Stephen Rees as Candidate for Provincial Election in Richmond East « Stephen Rees’s blog

Voter Abstinence

UBC Trek Magazine, Fall 2008 I came across a copy of the UBC Trek Magazine and found a great little piece on something called Voter Abstinence.  It basically means what it says.  Voters have a tendency to not come out and vote during elections.  This abstinence is well illustrated by the low voter turnouts everywhere across this country. UBC economist, Werner Antweiller, has just completed … Continue reading Voter Abstinence

DemocraticSPACE.com – detailed election blog

Democraticspace.com is just the cure for those looking for more info about the Canadian election.  It’s got some good blogging by many different authors from different parts of the country and of different political stripes. You can choose your riding and get some more detailed information on your local candidates.  They have their own pundits who will give their take on different issues during this … Continue reading DemocraticSPACE.com – detailed election blog

Chalk one up for the people

Canada.com Well, thank goodness some reason started to show and that people’s voices were heard.  The Green Party will now be at the National Debate. The reasons for excluding the Green Party were more than ridiculous.  A party that can garner close to 10 percent of popular support nationally and actually now have an MP in Parliament; why exclude them anymore. If we think back … Continue reading Chalk one up for the people